Bespoke & Beautiful

Fitted Furniture For Serene Bathrooms

Bathrooms are made for you to relax and unwind, so your space should be a sanctuary. Let us help you create just the right mood with bespoke bathroom furniture. Consult with Mill Hill Interiors for professional bathroom design and installation in Leicester.

Vanity Units

Keep your bathroom accessories neat and organised with our sensational vanity units custom designed to your preference.

Panelling & Storage

Maximise on tiny bathroom space with our smart storage solutions and panelling for breathtaking fitted bathrooms.


Design Showcase

Bespoke bathroom cabinets have never looked better. In true Mill Hill style, we carefully craft personalised bathroom cabinets, fitted vanity units and any other storage solution you might need. Walk into an inviting space with our designer-fitted bathrooms.

We Are Ready

To Bring Your Bathroom Vision To Life